Tuesday, April 6

How to Wear Nude Shoes

Fashionable Reader Momma T writes:
I just read that nude-colored shoes are back "in style."  I have a tough time selecting clothes that I think actually go with nude shoes, as strange as that may sound. "Nude" should be universal, right? Not so with my eye. What would you suggest?

Great question, Momma T. Nude shoes have been surging in popularity lately, thanks to Hollywood starlets who have discovered their leg-lengthening abilities.

Renee Zellwegger
By wearing high heels that blend with the color of your legs, you are visually giving them several extra inches. The key here is that they need to be 1) similar in color to your skin tone and 2) high heels.

I have long been a fan of nude shoes for spring and summer. We tend to wear dark colors in cold months and lighter ones when it's warm. I prefer to wear nude shoes with pastels, whites, even bright colors, when brown or black just won't do. Take for instance, this mint green dress:

Hayden Panettiere
Black pumps would look so harsh with this outfit. Your shoes should complement your dress, not compete with it. So my first choice for wearing nude shoes is with all those light colors that you're about to wear this spring and summer. And that's a fashion rule that will never go out of style.

The trend with nude shoes now is that they're being worn with simply everything, even dark dresses that would ordinarily merit black shoes:
Penelope Cruz
Again, this is because they make your legs look miles long. So in answer to your question, Momma T, this season? You can absolutely wear nude with everything! How you wear them depends on why you're wearing them. If you're wearing them because they are the best color choice for a white skirt and pastel top, then go crazy! Choose any style that appeals to you.

Lita by Ciao Bella

If you're wearing nude shoes to be on-trend — that is to lengthen your leg and make a fashion statement — then keep it simple. The whole point here is that they blend with your legs, so avoid any design that's embellished, strappy or complicated. Notice how all of our models are wearing plain pumps. Patent leather in nude is HUGE right now, so if you're feeling kicky, go with something shiny. Peep toes and moderate platforms are also acceptable.

Mindy by Via Spiga
I've not seen a lot of nude shoes with pants, but definitely pair them with white or light-colored khakis. If you're the kind of girl who can rock the skinny jeans, throw on your nude patent pumps with those, as that's a super-hot look right now. Otherwise, I would stick with dark shoes for dark pants and jeans.

One last point, and I hope this goes without saying: Always wear your nude shoes with a bare leg. I am patently against panty hose but ESPECIALLY the nude-colored ones. If you want to add about 10 years to your look, go ahead and wear them but the rest of us are going tights in the winter, bare in the summer. No excuses on this one ladies. I don't have many unbreakable fashion rules, but this is one of them.

This post originally published by The One in Heels at Duluth~Superior Magazine.


  1. Thanks for the info! Very helpful!

  2. Great informaton! Just one quick question, can I wear long gray slacks with nude pumps?


  3. Back to the same question, how to wear nude colored shoes. This fall I stumbled upon some gorgeous studded pumps. I know I will not be wearing skirts - I am much too cold starting in the fall.
    The contrasting colors (lighter shoes, darker pants) will visually shorten my legs. Not the look I am going for.
    So, would a nude toned, studded, closed toe pumps work well with, say, ankle, earth tone, wool pants?

  4. So helpful! Any tips for walking in the nude heels?

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  6. Thanks so much for this information. I'm graduating from college and I plan to wear nude shoes with white khakis but still undecided about what top to wear :(

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